Did you know?... Groups of more than 40 people apply a discount of 10% and we give 2 courtesies to the organizer.

Applies only to general entry. The organizer must identify himself in order to grant him his courtesies.

Consider the following aspects...

The bus will only be able to reach the Molanguito bus area. Located 20 min. (8 km) from Tolantongo.

The cost of transport from Molanguito to Tolantongo is $ 20.00 MXN one way and $ 20.00 MXN return per person.

Upon arrival, at the general entrance. The organizer must make the payment of all the entries of the people of the group to make valid the discount.

Courtesies are not physical, only two people are allowed free, the organizer decides who to grant them.

We do not make reservations by phone or by internet, the rent of the rooms is done as they arrive at the premises of the place.

Remember that when you are staying at the hotel or at the camp you must pay the entrance tickets on the day you arrive and the next day.

We do not have a reservation system online or by phone...



Bandera Blanca

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Phone Numbers

"La Gruta" Hotel

772 721 7905

"Paraíso" Hotel

772 126 5156

"La Huerta" Hotel

772 135 5478

We don´t have reservations

Service schedules: 8am a 11pm

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