Did you know?... Grutas Tolantongo has three magnificent hotels built especially for you and your loved ones to enjoy the best rest in their comfortable rooms.

Most of our rooms have a wonderful view to the natural landscape where you can capture the best shot for the memory and share them with your loved ones.

We don´t make any reservations.



To find hotel availability, get there early the day of your visit.


If you need information you can use the Facebook messenger. Or send us an email to


The rent of the hotel service is made upon arrival at the hotel reception of Grutas Tolantongo


We do not make reservations by any means of communication


All payments at the hotel and within the spa are in cash.


Room opening hours are set from 08:00 am and must be vacated at 12:00 pm the following day.


The cost of the hotel room doesn´t include the daily entrances to Grutas Tolantongo. In case of staying several days in the place you must pay your daily tickets.


Foto - Hotel La Gruta

"La Gruta"

"La Gruta" Hotel is the closest place to the caves, tunnel and river, has 100 comfortable rooms, some of which have a beautiful view of the river and the mountains.

In service all days

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Foto - Hotel La Huerta

"La Huerta"

"La Huerta" Hotel, which has 34 rooms with beautiful views of the river and the mountains surrounding it, is located near the path, and is ideal to relax comfortably.

In service only in weekends

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Foto - Hotel El Paraíso Escondido

"El Paraíso Escondido"

"Paraíso Escondido" hotel is without a doubt the best place to admire the natural landscapes, with spacious rooms, ideal for the whole family, besides its proximity to the thermal pools. It has 97 rooms, of which there are 10 cabana type.

In service all days

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Foto - Hotel Molanguito


"Molanguito" hotel is one of the alternative spaces to the spa, but certainly not surprising with its comfortable rooms. With hot water service and television, you will spend a moment enjoying the comfort with your family.

In service only in weekends

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Phone Numbers

"La Gruta" Hotel

772 721 7905

"Paraíso" Hotel

772 126 5156

"La Huerta" Hotel

772 135 5478

We don´t have reservations

Service schedules: 8am a 11pm