Did you know?... Grutas Tolantongo has three excellent restaurants where you can delight the palate with the tastiest dishes of the region, which also have an à la carte service. Taste the best flavors. Convince yourself.

Do not forget to taste the exquisite Hidalgo style barbecue. Sundays in the morning in some of our economic kitchens.



Be explicit and orderly when making your food order.


Be patient while waiting for your food and drink order.


Foto - Restaurante Las Palomas

"Las Palomas"

As the first restaurant in Grutas Tolantongo, it has an ideal atmosphere to spend a moment of enjoyment, tasting typical dishes with your family. It is located next to the reception of the Hotel Grutas.

Foto - Restaurante El Huamúchil

"El Huamúchil"

With an ideal space, full of music and atmosphere. In this place you can enjoy great delicacies that flavor the atmosphere and trap the senses with its flavor. It is located to one side of the river, in the ground floor of the Hotel Grutas.

Foto - Restaurante El Paraíso Escondido

"El Paraíso"

Due to its architecture and its marble finish, it will make your visit a pleasant place, full of flavor, aromas and joy, accompanied by a good wine and an à la carte meal. The name of the restaurant is attributed to its location.

Economic Kitchens/h2>
Foto - Cocina El Paraje

"El Paraje"

If you want to taste the traditional lamb barbecue and the delicious consomme, served at the foot of the oven, in this kitchen you can find every Sunday and holidays. In addition to a great variety of Mexican antojitos and stews typical of the region.

Foto - Cocina El Paraíso

"El Paraíso"

Also in this place is prepared the traditional barbecue of lamb and the delicious consomé, served at the foot of the oven, every Sunday and holidays. An ideal place to taste dishes from the region. A range of irresistible flavors. It is located in the area of Hidden Paradise.

Foto - Cocina La Huerta

"La Huerta"

Because of its proximity to the river and surrounded by huge walnut trees that give freshness, it is one of the ideal places that Grutas Tolantongo offers to visit with family and try the dishes made with the best quality and the best seasoning. The space has a quiet and cozy atmosphere.

Foto - Cocina El Malecón

"El Malecón"

Located on the side of the Tolantongo River, this space has been created for you to taste regional food, here you will find various Mexican antojitos, such as quesadillas, sopes, tlacoyos and stews hygienically prepared with the best seasoning of Hidalgo cuisine.

Foto - Cocina El Malecón

"El Huamuchil"

One of the newly created kitchen spaces. A place where you can try the most typical dishes of the region at an economic price. Taste delicious quesadillas, sopes, tlacoyos and stews. Try the seasoning.




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